Removing 'Welcome to the Frontpage' from Joomla

A steady frustration for new Joomla users is the "Welcome to the Frontpage" text that appears on the site.

To remove this, go to Menu Manager (or the "Menu" Dropdown menu in your site's Control Panel), select Main Menu, then click on the Home link.

Click on Parameters (System) and you'll see Page Title controls which will allow you to change or suppress the page title.

There are two controls to be concerned with here:

  1. Page Title: This sets the page title, which may appear on the page itself (This causes the most frustration) but also appears in the title bar.  Typically you don't want to remove this as you want your page title to appear in the titlebar of the browser
  2. Show Page Title: This determines whether the page title appears on the page itself.

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