Operating Systems

Bluetooth Pairing for Dell Keyboard

The Bluetooth keyboard may become unpaired from the computer.  This can be hard to resolve as there is no pairing code available.

This issue was observed after running Windows Updates on Vista, but but it can happen for no apparent reason.

Remember the On Screen Keyboard in the accessibilities section of the start menu, it may help get some things done in the interim. (Start > Accessories > Ease of Access)

These steps have been seen to resolve the issue;

    • Rebooting the PC may be a first good step.
    • Run the Dell Setpoint utility
      • From the systray, or from Control Panel, Keyboard, SetPoint Settings tab
    • From the Tools tab, select the Bluetooth icon tab on the left
    • Click "Connect Device"
    • Double-click the Dell BT Keyboard icon
      • you may need to press the pairing button on the keyboard
      • if you're not seeing  the Dell BT Keyboard icon, rebooting may help cause it to seek to pair
    • This should provide the option to generate a pairing code
    • Generate the code, enter it on the keyboard, press enter