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Creating a repeating 3-up flyer in Microsoft Publisher 2007

Microsoft Publisher can be used to create repeating content in a flyer format.

Imagine that you want to subdivide a letter size page – in landscape mode – into three vertical panes, with the same content repeating the the tree panes.

You work with the content in one pane, and when printed, the content will repeat into the other two panes.

The key seems to be to understand the distinctions between page setup and print setup, and when in the Page Setup > Advanced "Custom Page Size Dialog" understanding the distinction between 'Page' and 'Sheet'.

When you click File > Print Preview, you'll see a 3-up presentation with 3 identical content panes.

Here's a rough guide to what worked for me:

File > Page Setup
    Custom Page Size Dialog
    Layout Type:
      Multiple pages per sheet
      Page Width:  3.6666"
      Page Height: 8.5"
      Target Sheet Size: Custom
      Sheet width:       11"
      Sheet height:      8.5"
File > Print Setup
  Printing options: Multiple copies per sheet
  Paper size:       Letter
  Orientation:      Landscape

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