Securing your Admin account in Joomla!

By default, the Super-Administrator in Joomla is named Administrator, and the user record is #62.  This gives any hacker an easy starting point to attack your site.

One of your first steps after installing Joomla! should be to fix this;

  • Go into the Users module and create a new account called anything but Admin or Administrator (Chief, TopDog, whatever works for you.)
  • Assign that user account Super-Administrator rights.
  • Log in with the new Super-Administrator account. Now log out and in again with the new account to confirm that it works.
  • Again in User Manager;
    • Demote the original Administrator account to Public Front-end|Registered under Groups.
    • Change Block User to Yes.

By changing the name and id# of your most powerful account, you've now rendered the original administrator account harmless and closed that avenue of attack for a hacker.

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