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Updating Fields in Word

imgresTo Update Before Printing (Word 2010)

Select File ▸ Options ▸ Display, then select the checkbox “Update fields before printing”

Macro to Update Fields

This macro can be attached to a function key or hotkey for convenience.

Sub UpdateAllFields()
End Sub

Update Fields on Document Open

From the Visual Basic Editor and open the project that corresponds to the document.

Withing the Microsoft Word Objects branch for the dicument, double-click the ThisDocument object.

In the code window that appears, select Document in the object list and select Open in the event list.

Add the following code statement to the Document_Open() stub that displays (you may need to add the Document_Open function, otherwise uy :


AutoOpen/AutoExec Macros

These macros are another approach to automatically updating fields.  For mor info on how they work see this Microsoft article.

The sample macro below updates fields on open, and whenever the document is printed.

Sub AutoOpen()
    With Options
        .UpdateFieldsAtPrint = True
    End With
End Sub